Ad Regions

Ads provide a great way of making your pages come to life.

They are great for the home page, where you might want visitors to take notice of upcoming events or special offers. Ads are grouped into Ad Regions, which  define the location, size, and effects.


Ads are Versatile.

Create unlimted ads, order, rotate, and even animate them.

Ads can be of any size you choose, they can contain any type of content, and they can either slide across the page, or rotate each time the page is loaded (like traditional ad banners).

For more information, click on Help and read about Ads & Ad Regions.


READ THIS FIRST: We built out this simple, fully-functional website with several common apps to help you get started more quickly.  You can literally add your own text and photos and launch. 

Everything is customizable, so feel free to edit pages, fill out forms, add new pages.  However, we highly recommend that you start by clicking "Help" from any screen to read through the built-in documentation and watch the tutorial videos before you begin making changes. 

WARNING: If you go into the Style Designer, don't move or delete the location of the Menu Regions and Ad Regions without knowing what you are doing.  The built-in Themes rely on their placement to function correctly.

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